At New Horizon Shutters, we are versatile and willing to provide the time and energy so that our dealers have the products demanded by architects and their most sophisticated clients.

We offer the world’s only Comprehensive Lifetime Warranty on our Polymer Composite shutters as well as our new “Aluminum Bahama”. We use a revolutionary process (patent pending) that takes exterior shutters to a new level, unmatched by any traditional shutter in the industry.

This revolutionary process was developed for New Horizon Shutters by a very exclusive chemical engineering firm and New Horizon Shutters has been issued industry exclusive rights, which means no other shutter in the world can claim to have been made by this revolutionary process.

As a dealer, your client’s satisfaction is everything when building and maintaining your business. New Horizon Shutters is committed to servicing your business with excellent quality, on time delivery and good pricing.

Our patented construction design has proven for over a decade to be the most durable shutter in the entire exterior shutter industry.

New Horizon Shutters is also proud to feature an exclusive paint process developed by Sherwin Williams Chemical Coatings Division. This multi-stage finish, Polane UVR, features cutting edge solar reflective pigments that further protect our shutters from the sun’s harmful rays.

New Horizon Shutters also features Hurricane rated shutters that meet the large missile and wind load requirements of the ASTM E330, ASTM E1896 and ASTM E1996.

Our beautifully designed hardware is 304 Stainless Steel with black powder coating that integrates well with our architecturally designed shutters creating the complete workable and aesthetic package.

We at New Horizon Shutters appreciate and understand the importance of dealers, and we are committed to provide complete satisfaction to you and your clients.

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