At New Horizon Shutters, we are continuously reviewing, developing, and improving to stay the best and most preferred exterior shutter manufacturer for homes and commercial projects.

New Horizon Shutters’ patented technology allows us to create the most customizable and longest lasting shutter on the market. Our dedication to innovation has enabled us to create composite shutters in the exact style and the exact specifications that you require. We seamlessly integrate with all aspects of the project, from start to finish, which is why we have become the best shutter for the best value and with the easiest total process.

We offer the industry’s best warranty on our polymer composite shutters as well as our aluminum Bahama shutter. We use a revolutionary process that creates the most technologically advanced shutters, which are more durable and more customizable than anything else on the market.

No matter how intricate the details are – we are master shutter builders and are proud to deliver master quality. We stand behind our work, and believe that our products tell the story of our passion, energy, and attention to detail. New Horizon Shutters is the answer for all your shutter needs!




New Horizon Shutters has been in business for over 20 years, we have 2 US patents on our shutters and we are continuously innovating to stay the best. Some of our memberships and certifications include:    


Our Team

Harry Rembert  Founding Partner/VP Sales and Marketing

Harry Rembert

Founding Partner/VP Sales and Marketing

Ian Geddie  VP Operations

Ian Geddie

VP Operations

Tricia Young  Operations Liaison

Tricia Young

Operations Liaison

Nick Engelman  Lead Design/Technical Manager

Nick Engelman

Lead Design/Technical Manager

April Vergara  Marketing Director

April Vergara

Marketing Director

Derek Zimmerman  CNC Operator

Derek Zimmerman

CNC Operator