Longer –

We offer the most comprehensive lifetime warranty in the business. [See Warranty Details]


Bigger –

Our patented structural design allows us to build shutters that are wider and taller with louver spans up to 45" with no sag or racking.


More Customizable  –

One of our proudest claims is that we are the most customizable shutter on the market, and we will figure out a way to create the exact shutter that meets your specifications.  This is the reason why so many architects choose us to create the historically accurate and built-to-specification shutters you need.


Best Finish –

Our multi-stage finish is the best in the industry and verified by American Architectural Manufacturers Association in accordance with the standards and specifications for AAMA 2605-17 Superior Performing Organic Coatings and AAMA 615-17a Superior Performing Organic Coatings on Plastic Profiles.
Base Coat: Proprietary process
Top Coat:  Sherwin Williams Polane® paint with solar reflective properties, high color retention, and high abrasion resistance